Friday, January 2, 2009

Art in the New Year

Happy New Year! I’m not one to make New Year’s resolutions, but the timing does seem right to consider some new directions for 2009. Last year was the first full year of my career as an artist, and I feel I made good progress experimenting with new surfaces and refining my style. For the coming year, I would like to experiment further with both new mediums and new subjects. I bought a pastel set a couple of months back, and recently I have been given a starter watercolor kit as well as some oil paints. I don’t plan on giving up colored pencil, but time will tell for sure. I have always enjoyed drawing faces and hands the most, and I foresee that my main focus will remain portraiture and figurative art, but I am beginning to have a desire to branch out and try still life or perhaps some landscapes as well.

I am looking forward to new experiences and challenges for 2009, and to sharing my experiences here!


Chantell Van Erbe said...

Happy New Year, Holly. I wish you much success in all of your creative endeavors. Art is a series of evolutions and the fact that you are branching out means that you too are evolving!

hbedrosian said...

Thank you, Chantell. Happy New Year to you, too!