Tuesday, October 2, 2012

More work on Father and Son portrait

Here I've begun to paint the father's face (though you can see that the ear is still very rough), and have done more work on the arm and shirt. My plan is to bring everything else up to a similar level of doneness (including the background), and then I will go back and refine further.


Deb Ross said...

Holly, I've always loved and admired your work, but the fact that you could transition from colored pencil to oil is amazing! And now I see that your oil works have even more sensitivity than the cp works! You are truly a unique and extremely talented artist!

hbedrosian said...

Thank you, Deb! I really enjoy working in oil, though it's still new to me and somewhat of a struggle! I will still work in colored pencil, too.

suzanneberry said...

stunning work! just really, really beautiful. bravo!