Thursday, December 11, 2008

Artwork Scan

Today I brought "Solitude" along with another portrait to be professionally scanned. I went to Image-Tec, located nearby in Methuen, MA, and I am so pleased with how they both turned out. Solitude was kind of an experiment because I ended up using paint thinner on most of the background, and then sprayed a ton of fixative and varnish on it leaving it very shiny. Despite the shine, I think the scan came out really nicely. I am especially pleased with how my other portrait came out, which I had sprayed with a matte fixative, but no varnish. The subtle colors and detail are perfect! I am so happy with the service and results at Image-Tec, and I am highly recommending them to any local artists who are looking for a place to photograph/scan their work. They even make giclee prints, cards, etc, and will make slides from the digital images. The best part? The prices are SO reasonable. Check out their website:


Chantell Van Erbe said...

Holly, the final result is gorgeous. I'm so happy that you finished this piece. What appeals to me most about this particular work is the contrast between the dark background and the stark brightness of the subject. Yet somehow everything fits. Congrats!

And yes, the scan is terrific too. Isn't it great when you find good quality art services?

hbedrosian said...

Thanks for the positive feedback, Chantell. I'm happy with the scan, but the work itself... I don't know... I was going for a somber mood, but it kind of depresses me!

But yes, I am thrilled to have found such a great art reproduction company!

Chantell Van Erbe said...

That means your painting is a success! It manages to evoke strong emotions from you..and isn't that what art is all about?