Tuesday, October 7, 2008


Being an artist can be lonely at times, especially in contrast to my previous career. As an engineer I was constantly barraged with feedback both formal and informal, and people seeking my feedback as well. Every issue was discussed at length, and I had little time to really reflect on how I felt about my work, and whether it was fulfilling. Contrast that with being an artist, where I work alone and make most of the decisions about my business and artistic direction. This change has been very rewarding to me, as I enjoy the sense of control over my career. However, sometimes I can feel lost, which is why I cherish the feedback that I have received from others, both positive and negative. I have solicited formal critiques from established portrait artists, and also informal feedback via e-mail, both of which I have found very helpful. In addition, some of the most useful feedback has come from jurors who have not accepted my work into an exhibition. I am human and do feel a bit of disappointment at first, but then I get excited at the possibility of incorporating the advice into my work. In fact, I have created some of my best work immediately following feedback received from rejection letters! Of course, I also love getting positive feedback, and I really enjoy reading comments on my blog or e-mails from other artists and art enthusiasts. So to those of you who have commented or written to me, THANK YOU!


Kasie @ ~The Art of Life~ said...

I understand exactly what you're saying! Feedback always encourages you to move forward and keep going. Negative feedback is hard but I think at the same time it pushes you to want to be even better.

Rhonda Bartoe Tucker said...

You nailed my feelings exactly; many artists feel this way! BTW, love your work. Glad you blog; glad you share.

hbedrosian said...

Thank you for the comments, Kasie and Rhonda. I definitely feel less alone hearing others have similar experiences!