Thursday, February 25, 2010

"Hands" Prints Available

I am now offering prints of two of my hands pieces, shown above, that were recently published in an article about my colored pencil work in American Artist Drawing magazine. To order, simply click here and select the size, finish, and framing options you desire.


Bruce said...

Hi Holly,
I always enjoy hearing from you and seeing your newest works. These two are no exception, real delights!

These seem to be a slight departure from your earlier works, more imaginative, more conceptual than your earlier work. There is an obvious (to me) religious inference to having clean hands, or being cleansed, and also to holding an apple. I understand artwork to resonate best with audiences when they tie into stories and narratives that the audience feels deeply. You may want to think about presenting your work in context of such religious stories and narratives--perhaps your own personal ones if not the classical ones.

I mean, if it was good enough for Michaelangelo, DaVinci, and Carravaggio, it's not all that bad an idea. 8-)

Incidentally, I still love art, but am mainly working on music at present. I have a television show in Arlington, on the community access channel, where I present creative types, usually songwriters. It's called Bruce Meyer's Living Room Stage, and there's a facebook page on it. We've only taped two hours of it, and a third hour is coming up this month.

I've thought of having you and Bruce Herman on sometime. We can talk about that if you'd like.

All the best, Bruce

Shaz said...

Holly, I'm very new at this blogging thing and have been looking at other artists sites. I'm absolutely blown away at your beautiful work. Your detail is brilliant and more importantly, your paintings are emotive...not just stunning pictures. So well done.

Barbara Goodsitt said...

I love the way you depict the water in the these two pieces. Very special!