Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Starting Still Life

Family Secret, 9x12, oil on panel

I recently finished my first still life shown above, and I am already beginning another. I am enjoying a change of pace from portraits, though faces and hands are still my favorite subjects. For this next still life I decided to use to colored pencil on a sanded surface (Pastelbord), with an underpainting with watersoluble pastels (Neocolor). Also, my next still life is simpler than the one shown here - no dolls, just fruit! I should be finished with it sometime in the next few days, and will post an image shortly thereafter.


Mommy with Crayons said...

I can't find Neocolors in the craft/art stores. Have you ever seen them anywhere besides online? I really want to try them since yours turn out so nice (I know that sounds funny because it doesn't matter what media you use, it always turns out nice.) I bet it would cut down on the time and layers I use.

hbedrosian said...

Thank you! I haven't seen Neocolors anywhere besides online either... I do think they are worth it, especially when working on Pastelbord.

Carolina said...

Hi Holly,
This is beautiful, I like it very much, especially the rich colors and lighting.
Best regards,

Debbi said...

It's really fun to see you work with a new genre, Holly. I like your approach to still-life and look forward to seeing more!

Kendra said...

Really nice, Holly. The little figures are sort of a transition between your portraits and still life! I love the cherry in the middle too.

Arti said...

this is very good indeed...will be looking forward to more still life!