Monday, September 15, 2008

Vacation Confession

I feel a little guiltly admitting this since September marks the beginning of school and work for many people, but I have to come clean - I have been on vacation in Hawaii for about a week and a half! I had a last minute opportunity to go with my husband that I couldn't pass up. It's partly a work trip, but I am definitely doing my fair share of relaxing. I am feeling a little antsy to get back to my artwork now, but I am looking at this trip as a good oppotunity to recharge my batteries and maybe use some of the sights I see as inspiration for future work.

I have never been to Hawaii before, and I am truly blown away by the beautiful views, in addition to the gorgeous weather. The first photo above is me amidst other tourists on a boat tour around the island of Kauai. The second photo shows a view from the boat of the island cliffs with peaks so high that they pierced the clouds above.

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